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Flat Commercial Roof Materials
Commercial Shingled Roof Materials
Roofing Material Options & Lifetime Warranty We can present the appropriate roofing material options for your specific needs. Including your specific building needs and roof type, aesthetics and budget. All of our roofing materials are energy efficient and durable. In fact, they are so durable they will increase your roofs longevity. For that reason these materials come with lifetime warranty options.
Water-tight and climate elastomeric acrylic coating provides additional waterproofing and UV protection.
One inch of GE polyurethane spray foam application provides the greatest water proofing to your commercial roof .
Your existing roof deck or substrate.
Your existing roof layer (shingles, metal etc.) that is removed and/or covered by our roofing materials.
Commercial Spray Foam Roofing Material
A closer look at the polyurethane coating
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When it comes to your industrial or comm. roof, we use nothing but high-performance materials. The brands we us are the commercial roofing industry’s number one choice nationwide.
For flat commercial roofs that require coating we provide: SOPREMA®, NEOGARD®, CARLISLE®, CONTEGO, GAF®, KYNAR500®, Sarnafil® Roofing and Waterproofing Systems
For slant comm. roofs that need shingles, we use these top brand products: SOPREMA®, GAF®, CertainTeed®, VELUX®,DURO-LAST®, TAMKO®, OWENS-CORNING®.
Quality Shingles & Materials
Does your commercial roof need to be replaced or fixed? We have the right material options for your specific roofing needs. Including your budget, product longevity, energy efficiency options, durability and lifetime warranty options. We only use high quality commercial roofing products and trusted materials like: GAF SOPREMA CertainTeed VELUX DURO-LAST Owens Corning TAMKO CARLISLE SARNAFIL NEOGARD CONTEGO KYNAR500FSF
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