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Here is a helpful list of the most important questions to ask a roofing cotractor. It includes what we offer to compare to the local roofing companies in Nashville.
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Roof Repair Cost in Nashville Nashville Homeowners Average Cost for Roof Repair Roof repair costs for Nashville homeowners range from $250 - $1200. The Cost of roof repair in Nashville, TN is usualy no more than […]
3 Common Types of Roof Repair in Nashville The Most Common Types of Roof Repair Found in Middle Tennessee 1. Shingle Replacement The high frequency of tornadoes in Nashville inherently brings high winds. One of the most common results of high winds with driving rain is broken or missing shingles. This requires shingle replacement and sometimes repair to other roofing elements like flashing, fascia, and gutters […]
Seven Steps to Roof Repair Our Residential Roof Repair Process We specialize in shingled roof repair. From replacing broken or missing shingles to repairing flashing and fascia and installing gutters. Here’s our seven-step roof repair process […]
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Roofing Workmanship Being a local TN home owner myself, gives me a real appreciation for roofing workmanship. It is one of the reasons we do not use a nail gun when we nail shingles to a roof. You see, the best roofing practice is to use a good ole roofing hammer and nail. It is by far, the best way to ensure each nail and shingle is firmly secured. Pneumatic Nail Guns A secure roof. You’d think that is the goal with every roofing company. Right? Well, you might be surprised. Several roofing contractors find it much easier to just use a nail gun. Yup. It can save them a lot of time. But a trigger happy nail gunner can leave you with an unsecure roof. So here are some facts that will make you want to say to these pneumatic nailer’s, “You can’t touch this..roof! It’s Hammer Time! The Nail Gun vs The Hammer Sometimes the area of your roof’s truss, rafters or sheathing thickness will require a different amount of pressure to drive a nail properly. These three areas may require more or less pressure to drive the nail without going all the way through or sticking out of the asphalt shingle. Not to mention, a nail gun does not easily change the pressure as needed. This can cause the nail to partially bounce out of place. It will also drive the nail improperly unless the roofer keeps it at just the right angle. This can be a difficult process when lugging the nail gun and air hose around an angled roof top. In contrast, a simple but professional roofing hammer gives our experts complete control of every single shingle. It’s pretty simple, we just take the time and effort to do the job right the first time.
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Our Roofing Services Include: Free Estimates New Roofs Insurance Claims Residential Roofing Commercial Roofing Roof Inspection Roof Repair Roof Replacement and Tearoff’s Shingle Replacement Gutter Installation and Replacement Roof Cleaning & Maintenance
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Our Roofing Services Include: Free Estimates New Roofs Insurance Claims Residential Roofing Commercial Roofing Roof Inspection Roof Repair Roof Replacement & Tearoff’s Shingle Replacement Gutter Installation & Replacement Roof Cleaning & Maintenance
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