missing asphalt shingles

Expert Shingle Roof Repair

Professional Roof Repair for Your Nashville Home
Woodall Roofing Company specializes in shingle roof repair.  Some roofers use nail guns to save time.  Nail guns tend to apply too much pressure or not enough in areas where nail pressure needs to vary.  Our expert roofers attach each shingle with a hammer to ensure they are properly secured according to the specific needs of the different areas of your roof.

10 Signs That You Might Need Roof Repair

  1. Debris or Fallen Branches
  2. Areas of standing water
  3. Missing shingles
  4. A large area of missing granules
  5. Damaged gutters
  6. Water spots on ceiling or walls
  7. Musty mold odor in an attic
  8. Leaky roof
  9. Damaged fascia
  10. Broken or missing shingles
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